Humboldt Lodge No. 79, Free & Accepted Masons

In 2015, Humboldt Lodge No. 79 has two purposes. The first is to promote the personal growth of our members by the practice of our craft, so that we are recognized by our friends, family and community to have truly made their good men better men. The second is to make a Profound Difference in our Community.

Humboldt Lodge No. 79, Free & Accepted Masons was organized by six Masons at a meeting in Bucksport on April 25, 1854; a dispensation was issued by the Grand Lodge of California on June 30, 1854, formally establishing the lodge; and it received a charter as Number 79 in the California Jurisdiction on July 1, 1855. It is the oldest fraternal organization in the county.



Fraternitatis amatores, rhoncus et verum