Donation to Humboldt County Special Olympics

IMG_8583Humboldt Masonic Lodge donated $250.00 to Humboldt County Special Olympics. The special Olympics has a very active and enthusiastic program. Over 170 athletes participate in one or more of the seven sports offered during the year. The volunteers and coaches are dedicated to training the athletes to learn new sports skills in a positive and fun environment. For information phone 826-2794 or Pictured from left to right: Dan Olufsen, Lodge Tiler; Bryan Enloe, Lodge Steward; Robert Matlock, Lodge Deacon; Ken Musante Special Olympics Treasurer; Henry Stratman, Athlete; Elliott Musante, Athlete; Emanuel Rose, Lodge Master; Winter Faulk, Lodge Treasurer; Phil Elcock, Lodge Steward and Enoch Ibarra, Lodge Marshal. To make a donation request for your organization, click here.