Be just, be faithful, be true

“Be just, be faithful, be true and convince the world by your acts that on becoming a Master Mason you have become a better man. Retain we entreat you, that goodness of heart, that purity of intention and that love of virtue of which we think you now possessed…….”

This is a reminder from the 3rd degree for us to embody these fundamental principles of Masonry in the Lodge and in Society. As Masons we are charged with making a profound difference in the community and that starts with growing and changing as an individual. That change may start with mentoring a new Mason, attending, attending lodge, or any of our other social events.

Humboldt Lodge #79 continues to find children’s organizations to support like Big Brother’s Big Sister’s, Humboldt Special Olympics and Food For People’s Backpacks for Kids, which provides food for some of the neediest children in Humboldt County. This is part of our continuing effort to make a profound difference.